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We have already spoken on several occasions, about the damage that plastic bags cause and then little or nothing has moved to ban them by December 31, 2010. They should definitely disappear from the shops, but it is feared that the Italian Government will extend the date of their order once again.

For this reason, Legambiente triggered a petition for submission to the Minister Prestigiacomo, to keep the date fixed and to ask her not to sign a new extension in the hope that other types of shoppers will be finally introduced (the Ecogreentips have always recommended the use of other types of envelopes, such as cloth bags, jute or hemp, wicker or straw baskets,  etc.. etc.. or as spokesmen for action against plastic bags).

Too many to handle. This one will consumano 1000 (thousand) billion, of which 100 billion in Europe. 20% of them (20 billion) in Italy. Italy is the latest European country in alternative shoppers consumption : each Italian uses about 300 bags a year.

Plastic bags kill millions of animals and plants each year, especially in the aquatic world. It is estimated that among the victims there are a million seabirds, as well as fish, whales and dolphins. Off the coast of America has created an entire continent composed only of plastic; because of being constantly in the water, the plastic splits into polymers that enter our food chain. This floating land is called The Pacific Trash Vortex.

The damage of plastic are also linked to its production. Despite of the use of petroleum (and all its annexes, including offshore disasters) are harmful dyes (carcinogens) that are used in printing. Shopper is relatively inexpensive to produce. The disposal of plastics, however, has cost almost prohibitive. Andthe production of new bags is less expensive thanrecycling the old ones (only 1% are recycled bags products). If we can not help but use a plastic shopping bags, at least try to exploit it to the last, on several occasions, ‘till the last one: they may contain home plastic discarded and can be brought into the designated waste service.

Who wants to participate in this important petition can can click on the image below and follow the instructions.


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