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Few days ago we mentioned the new website-l’orto sul tasto-, which sells vegetables and food-related (such as eggs, biscuits, bio jam) online.

We did our first order and would like to tell you our experience!

Accessing the order pages is easy, the site is very clear and everything is very understandable. The online selling page is similar to other website: you need to register and login. The page with the list of offers of the week is clear, moreover, next to each item there is the photo and all necessary information (price per kg and weekly availability). As you sort the various quantities, it is shown the total of the purchase.

We bought a lot of vegetables (eggplant, potatoes, celery, two kinds of tomatoes, apples, beans) and organic eggs. As you proceed the order, an email is sent to the given address, so that is easy to check what you purchased.

Orders can be made from 9.00 to 13.00 (Friday to Monday) and are delivered on Wednesday.

And so it was with our order. Despite heavy rain, Elizabeth Dainese (owner of this brilliant idea) came  with a beautiful wooden box, filled with fruits and vegetables! Elizabethis a really niceperson, very friendly and the professionalism and care with which she follows her plan can be seen at delivery.

Currently deliveries are limited to the city of Udine. This ensures delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables, cultivated close. Everything that is purchased in the nearby it is labeled with the words “Km 0”.

Here’s what Elizabeth says on his site, on her initiative:

“L’orto sul tasto delivers every Wednesday fruits and vegetables and processed food products of high quality, all production strictly local level, to homes and offices of those who live or work in the town of Udine.
To purchase products in small and medium size farms, tending to family, selected for their quality of processing methods and their location in the province of Udine: we want to bring fresh produce in fact, and keep pollution low, because of short transport. We are the only passage between the farmer and the customer and allows a fair price for the farmer and an affordable price to the consumer, including all costs for our information service, selection and delivery home products. We require a minimum order of € 10.00 of fruit and vegetables, a figure beyond which you can buy our products extras (jams,  flour, olive oil …) or any type of 15,00 € product.
Besides, who has the pleasure to enjoy our products often earns 1 point each and cost € 10.00.  Every 10 points, the customer receives a bonus of € 5.00 that can be deducted from higher costs and, who is part of a structure agreement with us (the first Slow Food FVG) the bonus is € 10.00.
The system involves the collection of orders online for three days a week (between 9.00 am every Friday and 13.00 on Monday), the timely submission of requests for producers, obtaining the necessary quantities by Tuesday evening and delivery to the customer on Wednesday. The once a week delivery costs  ensure fresh vegetables, picked up the day before delivery.
Our work stands as a large and healthy complement to your shopping at the supermarket, but is supported by a logic different from that of large retailers for several important reasons:

* We sell only fresh seasonal products, accepting the consequences of weather on productivity and limits of agricultural vocation of the territory in which we live, compared with a guarantee of quality and taste of all that we deliver.
* Establish a balanced relationship with the manufacturer, respecting the needs and economic production rates.
* Consider the environmental impact of various working phases: the use of products used for cultivation, the rationalization of transport to the recycling of materials, such as the wooden boxes used for delivery, so that ecological and sustainable the purchase of our products.
* Want to build an open relationship with each client, taking advantage of the time of delivery to collect ideas and suggestions to improve our service. ”

The Ecogreentips are excited about this initiative. Develop local trade, preferring the products of the nearest territory (km 0) is one of the most direct and accurate ways that we have to limit our environmental impact in our daily lives.

We wish Elizabeth and her project the success and the rewards it deserves!


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